FFXIV: How to Unlock Castrum Lacus Litore

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With the drop of patch 5.35 for Final Fantasy XIV, there’s a whole slew of new content to get into, including the new area called the Bozjan Southern Front. In here, you can level up your 70+ jobs while collecting new currencies and resources to be exchanged for new rewards. Here’s how to unlock Castrum Lacus Litore in FFXIV.

Unlocking Castrum Lacus Litore in FFXIV

First things first, before you even think about setting foot into Castrum, you’ll need to spend a little bit of time getting your Resistance rank up in the Bozjan Southern Front. You’ll need to hit Resistance rank 10 in order to unlock it, and be able to select it from your missions list whenever it pops up.

There are a variety of things you can do to get your rank up. The first is by taking on quests from the NPCs near the aetheryte crystal; these are usually introductory quests that will get you acquainted with the new area, and should get you up to rank 3 pretty easily.

You can also take part in Skirmishes (which are basically FATEs in Bozja) to get some Mettle, as well as Critical Engagements, which are mini boss fights that show up in your Engagements menu. Whenever a Critical Engagement becomes available, make sure to click on the Deploy option in your menu to sign up for it.

Completing Skirmishes and Critical Engagements will reward you with Mettle, which you can then turn in to increase your Resistance rank. Once you hit rank 10, the game will inform you that you can now attempt Castrum Lacus Litore.

This instance will pop up in your Engagements menu like any other Critical Engagement, and you have to sign up for it. It usually spawns every hour, so your best bet would be to check in with other players when you first enter an instance to see if it’s close to spawning or if you just missed it.